Assignments for the week of
September 18-22


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday-
Picture Day
Read Chap. 1 lesson 3 from textbook

Progress report reflection

*Return Witte Permission slip ASAP.* 

Review lesson 3 and complete data analysis practice  
Finish Math menu assignments for this week, if necessary.
Have a great weekend!


In class, we are working on a math project: "What is the best design for the classroom?" Students will have to draw a design for the classroom furniture as well as estimate and find exact costs of the design they choose. They will be using the actual costs from the new furniture for the Engaged Classroom. We will use the winning design(s) in the classroom.

This week in math, we will focus on reviewing multiplication of whole numbers. We will review what multiplication is and how it relates to the traditional way of multiplying (using partial products, aka the algorithm). Students will again have to make time-management decisions in order to complete their work.
In science, we will investigate how scientists collect data (scientific instruments) and how they interpret that data (data analysis like mean, median and mode).
Week Four:
In math, students worked on time management and meta-cognitive skills as they paced themselves through the review of addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Students completed and reflected on their math menus that they should have submitted in Google Classroom. Each student should have also finished up his or her plan for the classroom design project.
In science we reviewed the methods scientists use by doing an experiment about paper airplanes. Students designed two different models which they tested but in the end, we found out that our data was invalid because we hadn't controlled the variables! On Friday students completed a short review which will count as a quiz.
Week Three:
It was really nice to get to see so many parents at the Back to School Night last Thursday.
In math, we took our first quiz to help evaluate our learning strategies. We used the test from topic 1 of the math book as a learning experience of what each needs to do as a learner. Almost everyone hopes to improve, so there will be retest.
In science, we applied what we learned about visual note taking to the content in lesson one of the text about what scientists do. Some students started experimenting with use the app Paper 53 to take visual notes. Students had to complete another assignment on EdPuzzle.

Week Two:
The first two weeks have gone really well. In the second week, we continued to get to know each other and to learn procedures. Students had their first opportunities to be "teacher" experts to share out math problem solving strategies. In math we continue to work on math fact fluency as students work daily on XtraMath. We began a unit on whole number operations which reviews place value, estimation, addition and subtraction. In science we discussed what scientists do. Students had to complete an assignment on EdPuzzle.
The big idea for September is Friendship.

Week One:
The first week of school started with an eclipse and ended with a hurricane! What a week! We had a great week getting to know one another. Friday's presentations of "¿Quién soy?" were a good way to get to know the kids.
The big idea for August is Respect. We learned about procedures and expectations, used the iPads/Chromebooks, tried out the different types of furniture and did some math....

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